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When you trying to explore the mystical arts of the candle magic or you just only simply would like to enjoy the warm glow of the candles in your home, we have a huge variety of candles of different shapes, sizes and colors that you may be able to choose from. We have the selection of the following candles from charged ritual candles, pillar candles, jar candles and more that will enable to help you create a soft ambiance for your home or will be able to help you work with your ritual magic as well as with your prayer rituals.

What is Bayberry?

A legendary fragrance which is believe to bring good fortune. Bayberry scented candles can be obtained in almost any size, one of the most popular are the small votive-type. Many homes burn one of these every day of the year based on the promises made in the ancient rhyme. This ancient rhyme is where you can find in the book by Anna Riva - Candle Burning Magic.

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