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Hydrosol Liquid Incense is an excellent alternative for people with a sensitivity to smoke. Hydrosol can also serve as a great option for use in areas where smoke or burning materials could pose a safety risk or where burning is prohibited. These incenses come in plastic pump top bottles and thus use no propellant to create their mists.

All Hydrosol Liquid Incense are 100% pure. They consist only of steam distilled herbal essences. Steam distilled means these incenses are water based rather than oil and will not leave an unpleasant oily reisdue. Because these incenses are so pure their scent and energy will linger as long as their traditional counterparts.

The water base allows these incenses to be used in ways traditional incense cannot be used. For instance they may be added to ritual bath water, used as a wash, used as a cleansing rise for ritual tools or ritual participants entering the ritual space.

All Hydrosol Liquid Incense is produced in Canada and comes with a label printed in both English and French.

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