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An Amulet for Peace and Reconciliation

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On a piece of paper, trace your strong hand (the one normally extended in a handshake). In the center of the tracing, write the name of the person to whom you wish to extend peace. Wrap this carefully around a green olive (or olive leaf), and tie it with two circuits of white thread. Bless this amulet by saying,

"I open my hand and heart so all anger can depart.
Let peace now grow, between me and thee."

Carry this to your next meeting with that individual to encourage resolution. Once the problem is reconciled, bury the amulet so the past remains buried.

If your words with this individual were unusually harsh you may wish to substitute a honey-flavored candy or honeycomb for the olive. In India, honey represents wise words. In this form the amulet stimulates discourse tempered with gentle speech.

General Uses :
Serenity, harmony, reconciliation, accord, tranquility, composure, and ceasing hostilities.

Timing :
August or November. Waning moon to decrease hostility. Moon in Gemini, Aries, or Libra. Dawn. Monday.

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